Growing Pains CD



  1. What We Have (feat. Mantis)
  2. Growing Pains
  3. What Happened (feat. Justis)
  4. Hold On Me
  5. Free
  6. Confessions
  7. Senorita (feat. Rochester)
  8. My Love (feat. Scarz & Klue)
  9. Got 2B Real
  10. Joy
  11. Hey DJ (feat. Joni NehRita)
  12. We Can Win (feat. Faith Walker)
  13. Bonus Tracks:
  14. The Reason (Rebirth Mix)
  15. Hold On Me (feat. Son Real)
  16. My Love (Gone) Tri City Remix


Growing Pains is a collection of songs taking listeners through an intimate life journey of the experiences of Rufus John. From being a young boy to becoming a man, love gained to love lost, drug addiction to being free of demons, depression to happiness. Lyrically there is a story everyone can relate too and sonically there are sounds to please everyone’s ears. 

To date Rufus has released 5 singles off the album. “Hold On Me” was released as a tease in late 2013 followed by an official music video which gained outstanding buzz amongst online blogs and DJ’s around the world. “Confessions” was released in the UK and it hit #11 on the UK Independent Soul charts.

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