Canadian-Caribbean artist Rufus John announces “Soulful & Intimate” concert tour

Rufus John will be performing throughout Southern Ontario including Toronto, Kingston, Cambridge, Ottawa and Waterloo and more to be added!

Canadian and UK Independent Soul Charting artist Rufus John and Urban X Entertainment are thrilled to announce the “Soulful & Intimate” concert tour hitting major cities around Southern Ontario including Waterloo, Cambridge, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and more. Kicking off in April 2018, the Canadian R&B/Soul artist invites fans to a more personal musical experience where he will share background stories and influences of fan favourite tracks, as well as new music off of his upcoming album. With previous hits such as, “Hold On Me”, “By My Side” and “Confessions” which reached #11 on the UK Independent Soul Charts, Rufus has already made a name for himself worldwide. After sharing the stage with Canadian music icons such as Classified, Jully Black, Glenn Lewis, Divine Brown and others, Rufus is excited to share his new music off of his highly anticipated sophomore album, “Gone But Not Forgotten”, set to be released in June, 2018. Gearing up for an incredible summer, Rufus is excited to provide the stories behind his music to audiences around Ontario.

Leading up to his album release, Rufus will also be debuting his “Gone But Not Forgotten” docu-series. Premiering on April 29, 2018 the seven episode series documents the writing, production, recording and day-to-day life behind the artist’s upcoming album. Exploring themes like forgiveness, love, mourning, celebration and acceptance, the album combines influences of R&B, soul, hip-hop and gospel music. The docu-series along with the “Soulful & Intimate” tour allows the artist to share the personal side of his one-of-a-kind sound and inspiring lyrics. Featuring local talent including Woolwich Project, Luke Michielsen, No Fancy Parts, Shyla and more, the tour promises a full musical experience that audiences won’t forget.

“The tour is booked at local venues in cities that have had a great influence in my development as an artist, allowing me to really connect with the audience”, says Canadian artist, Rufus John. “People will get a chance to hear the stories and influences behind the music, the man and the artist”.

Following in the tradition of R&B music greats before him, Rufus began mastering his craft and developing his talents at a young age. Starting at age six singing at his local church, Rufus moved on to become the lead singer of a cover band and has since worked with award winning producers such as, Marcus Kane (Shania Twain, Serena Ryder), Slakah The Beat Child (Drake), Joel Joseph (Nelly Furtado) and many more. Through his experiences sharing the stage with Canadian music legends and collaborating with world-class producers, Rufus has become a master of his art. His ability to channel personal challenges and life experiences towards his music has resulted in meaningful tracks that connect audiences all around the world.

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