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Track Listing

  1. Don’t Push Me
  2. Better By You
  3. Things That I Said
  4. Not Gonna Have It
  5. Infinite (feat. Nate Lawes, D.O)
  6. Same Ol’ Me (feat. Tariq, Justin Hamilton, Soul)
  7. What More Can I Say
  8. Gone But Not Forgotten
  9. Father I Thank You
  10. Things That I Said (feat. Phoenix Pagliacci) REMIX


Rufus John, the Canadian-Caribbean Artist from Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, has been bringing refreshing sounds and vocals to the Canadian R&B/Soul music scene professionally since 2014. His new approach to old soul allows him to embrace the best of the two worlds; the edginess of today’s music and the steadfast emotion of Motown. The result is a funky, fresh sound layered over an old soul backdrop, a slick fusion that can only be described as irrefutably undeniable. He also has managed to successfully encapsulate being a well-rounded entrepreneur, a graduated Child and Youth Worker and an Award Winning Youth Mentor in his community.

Rufus is currently working on his follow up to his 2014 sophomore album “Growing Pains”. The new album is titled “Gone But Not Forgotten” and it’s slated to be released on Rufus’s imprint Urban X Entertainment in early summer of 2018. The album explores subjects like forgiveness, mourning, love, celebration and acceptance. This comes after the passing of his childhood friend whilst paying homage to his neighbourhood Kingscourt. Sonically, the album will mostly have elements of Soul & R&B but will feature undertones of hip hop, jazz and gospel music. With the album raring in motion to be released, Rufus still finds time to operate a mentorship initiative called “Music Is My Weapon” for the youth in his community. Over the years the ongoing project has been recognized for their contributions to the artistic culture within the region and has gone on to win The Bernice Adam’s Award (Performance Category) & a Region of Waterloo Arts Award (Mentors Category).

In the tradition of many renowned R&B musicians, Rufus began singing with the church at the age of 6. Born in Toronto, ON, raised in a West Indian Caribbean household he was exposed to and highly influenced by many of the music legends of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Throughout his high school years, he continued to sculpt his vocal and performance talents as the lead singer in a cover band. This led to Rufus experimenting in song writing, creating a library of life chronicles. He found it very therapeutic to channel his personal and challenging life experiences into heartfelt lyrics and songs.

With Rufus’s fan base growing steadily and seeing his hard work advantageously pay off. Rufus is preparing to step things up to give his fans more of an inside peak to his life and musical journey through the Gone But Not Forgotten Docu-Series. The mini docu-series will highlight his life as a father, entrepreneur, a mentor and of course, as an artist.

The life and talent of Rufus John personally and professionally is in an upward movement affecting everyone that encounters his musical genius. Whether on stage performing for the masses or giving back through his musically inspired youth mentorship program, his overall vision is to be a beacon of light for those coming up. It has become exciting to see when his enthusiasts are able to understand their story through his soulful truths, ultimately inspiring those around him. Needless to say, anyone who spends the time to listen to his art, will inevitably fall in love with Rufus John.


Up and coming artist Rufus, is a fresh face bringing a refreshing sound to Canadian R&B music. Along with being an artist Rufus is an entrepreneur, a graduated Child and Youth Worker and an award winning Youth Mentor in his community. Between music and his youth work Rufus strives to use his music as a medium to bridge the gap between youth and elders with his music being the catalyst for change and the voice of reason and positivity.

In early 2014 Rufus released his first full length album entitled Growing Pains. Suitably named, the album is a collection of songs taking listeners through an intimate life journey of the experiences from being a young boy to becoming a man. From love gained to love lost, drug addiction to being free of demons, depression to happiness. Lyrically there is a story everyone can relate too and sonically there are sounds to please everyone’s ears. The first single off the album, Hold On Me gained outstanding buzz amongst online blogs and DJ’s around the world. “Confessions” was released in the UK and it hit #11 on the UK Independent Soul charts.

“You always remember the first time hearing that understated record which helps propel an emerging artist. If you’re an R&B fan, this is that record from Rufus.” – When the Beat Drops

Rufus is back in the studio gearing up to release his second album entitled, Gone But Not Forgotten. This body of work is Rufus taking responsibility for his shortcomings while standing strong for what he feels is right. From messy relationships, the loss of his best friend to the constant inner battle with faith and religion, Rufus bares it all. Through the process of writing this album Rufus realized that these experiences made him the man he is today. Although he has been able to come up from poverty to live a grateful life he hasn’t forgotten where he has come from.

Throughout his career Rufus has humbly worked with award winning producers Markus Kane (Shania Twain, Serena Ryder), Slakah The Beat Child (Drake) and has shared the stage with many Canadian musical icons such as Wade O Brown, Jully Black, Divine Brown, Classified, Kim Davis, Classified, Son Real, Glenn Lewis, Shad and many more. Rufus continually works with top musicians and producers which challenge him to grow rhythmically and lyrically to create meaningful music without jeopardizing who he is as an artist and more importantly a person.



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Hohner Porch Party | Kitchener

Hohner Ave | Kitchener, ON
Saturday, May 25 2019
Set Time: 7 PM

Doogies | Guelph

37 Wyndham Street North | Guelph, ON
Saturday , May 25 2019

Sip Club | Guelph, ON

91 Whyndham Street North | Guelph, ON
Friday, May 31 2019

Motown Gold | Port Perry

302 Queen Street | Port Perry, ON
Saturday June 1 2019

Sound Of  Music Festival | Burlington

Rufus will be performing in the festivals club series.
Wednesday, June 12 2019
The Queen’s Head
400 Brant Street | Burlington ON
Doors: 9:00 PM

Wine & Spirits Festival | Toronto

Sugar Beach – 11 Dockside Dr  | Toronto, ON
Friday June 14 2019
Set Time: 7:35 PM

Private Function | Toronto

KW Multicultural Festival | Kitchener

Vitoria Park – 32 Dill Street  | Kitchener, ON
Sunday June 23 2019
Set Time: 6 PM

Motown Gold | Midland

Midland Multicultural Centre – 333 King Street | Midland, ON
Friday July 12 2019

Motown Gold | Peterborough

Showplace Performance Centre – 290 George Street North | Peterborough, ON
Saturday July 13 2019

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